21-07-2017 Online spoken Tutorial 

Online spoken Tutotial session  was arranged and conducted by our Civil Department Faculties prof.Payal Zaveri and Prof. Manisha Vashi.After Logging in Our Accounts and Complete the Entry process,we watch videos of Libre office Base.In that we learn how to make form,report,table,relationship between tables. After that feedback form was filled by us .After 3 weeks .The test was conducted .we attended  the test.After passing an online exam certificate  was  generated.

It was new experience of online exam,conducted  remotely from IIT Bombay.


03-10-2017 Surveying Project

Time:9AM to 1:30 PM


 In  that project we had to perform 2 practicals namey Traversing  and plotting the curve by two Different methods.

Traversing :

first we plotted boundary line then main stations.In this we did Chaining,Offsetting,measure Included Angles and Bearings of the Stations.

Instuments used:

Ranging road,30m Chain,Theodolite ,Tripod stand,Tape,Wooden peg,plumb bob,bubble tube,Compass

Ploting of Curve:

Our Batch  ploted Curve by method of offset from long chord.the calculation of the offsets was already done analytically.we plot the curve using that readings of calculations.

Instrument used:

chain,tape,Wooden peg,Ranging rod,theodolite.

11-10-2017 Kho-Kho zonal Tournament 

Location:Bhagvan Mahavir Education Foundation

Time:10:30 A.M

After practice of so many days  a Day arrived,we are so exited about tournament. The time for the match was 9A.M but due to Rain Match was delayed.our first match is against GEC Surat.Referee anounced the rules of the game then match was started .In this we won the match By 1 point in last 10second.There was a Happiness in our crowd  because  we  were in  final .Final match of the tournament  was against Tapi college,surat.In this tournament we lost by 2 points.peace for a while spread in our team.but we are still Happy to be Runner up in match.

It was my first tournament as representing SCET.

16-09-2017  ozon day

Location: Reading Hall of SCET, Surat.

Time: 10:00 AM to 12AM

The World Ozone Day was celebrated at our collage. The function was organized by ME Environmental Civil Students.Theygave us some information about the event like The ozone layer, a fragile shield of gas, protects the Earth from the harmful portion of the rays of the sun, thus helping preserve life on the planet.The phaseout of controlled uses of ozone depleting substances and the related reductions have not only helped protect the ozone layer for this and future generations, but have also contributed significantly to global efforts to address climate change; furthermore, it has protected human health and ecosystems by limiting the harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching the earth.

They have made a model based on the topic. They have also prepared a song for the same.

 Class Notes:


Change by design book TIM BROWN

 Question:How can i transfer water at aheight of 50 m without  use of electricity and any machinary????

29-08-2017 Mind Mapping


Mind mapping is an exercise to bring the hidden yet experiences/ visualized facts in front. To understand a reason for something happening around us, it needs to be understood for reasons thereof. The technique originated in the late 1960s by Tony Buzan Mind Maps are now used by millions of people around the world.

After the AEIOU sheets we need to make mind mapping sheet Where all the things related to our domain are to be written.